Today’s Frustrations

This morning I woke up and went directly to my email, looking for signs of hope from query letters and a proposal that I just sent out yesterday.  I realize that my enthusiasm is a bit overdone but I need something, a good reply maybe, that affirms my ability to write something well.  My most recent book: Think Good, Feel Good, Live Good: Overcoming Traumatic Situations in Life! was completed more than a month ago.  Since that time, I have been formulating query letters and expressing them via email to potential agents who claim to handle topics such as mine.  I was sure to research agent’s websites to double-check the Writer’s Market suggestions of agents and have sent off possibly too many queries.  What can I say?  I’m ambitious.  Only a third have responded with polite rejections but at least I know they received my plea for publishing. 

As I continue trying to break into this prestiges field of writing, I find myself quarreling with my passion to write and publish a good work with the stress of realism and ever amassing bills.  I know I can do this and I know that my book is worthy of being read by the more than 100,000 people who suffer trauma annually.  Maybe, I need to find an agent that has suffered through trauma so they can easily identify with my book’s empowering content.  Maybe, for those who have already read my book out of interest, they will know someone and recommend me.  Maybe, I shouldn’t worry about this any longer and continue on to write my next book, A Tree without Leaves: Discovering who you really are if the world’s influences weren’t there! 

Oh well, I’ll keep checking to see if I get a good response later today.  Until then, I hope the article I sent to the New York Times will be accepted.  The world needs to know the truth about the devestation America causes by limiting a father’s access to their children just because they are behind on child suppport.  At least, I believe they do!  With the holidays coming up, the government should bailout fathers and allow them to spend quality time with their kids.  It wouldn’t cost them a dime but, oh right, automobiles are more important!

Remember, walk through the storm! 


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