Finger Crossing

Last night I went to bed telling a friend that I had my fingers crossed that tomorrow would bring good news in my progress of getting published.  So, when I woke this morning, I made some coffee and stared at my computer hoping I hadn’t jinxed myself.  I just stared.  I think I even squinted for a minute or two as it sat on my desk still closed.  My own computer has no idea how much power it possesses over my life.  I knew if I opened it I would be committed to finding out whether or not I received the good news that my crossed fingers promised me.  I took a long sip of my Sumatra with cream and inhaled the aroma of this Indonesian blend.  Just like Sumatra, I felt like an island trapped between two oceans.  Good news means progress while no news means nothing new.  If that wasn’t a bit of intelligence I don’t know what is.  Oh well, I need to open it sooner or later.  Another sip followed by a long sigh and my fingers reached down to lift the lid on how the rest of my day would feel. 

In my email was another rejection but only this time there was a referral within the message.  That’s never happened before.  The agent thought of another agent that might be interested in my book.  That’s actually good news!  I put my coffee down and felt a sense of happiness and progress.  I typed a quick ‘thank-you’ reply to the agent who rejected me.  I never knew whether or not agents like that kind of thing.  Then, I typed up a new email with the referred agents address and attached my proposal with a small introduction in the email body.  I was sure to add that I was ‘referred’ by agent number 1.  Just writing that actually made me feel pretty good too.  I like this finger crossing thing.  Tonight, maybe I’ll even cross my toes.


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