Permission to Sail!

This morning was a slow start as I lay in bed just imagining what it would feel like when an agent would finally contact me and want to represent my book Think Good, Feel Good, Live Good: Overcoming Traumatic Situations in Life!  I admit, just thinking about it made me smile some and just as quick I was over-powered with self-defeating thoughts such as, “Who am I that someone would publish me?” and, “What do I have to offer that truly can help another person who doesn’t even know me?”  and a few more that I will omit from this post.  Then, I remembered a poem I had written a while back that I will share with you now:

Permission to Sail
Shall I ignore my heart today,
To avoid tomorrow’s sorrow, or
Consent to the feelings uprising,
Ready to set sail, or shall I leave
The masts unaccompanied, vacant
And alone, feeling the winds of
Change passing by; Too long, my
Heart has remained docked, tied
Down and anchored, only wishing,
Waiting for a just breeze, tired of
Watching the others as they turn
Aft and bow into the rolling sea,
Disappearing o’er the horizon,
Guided only by the catch, of
When sails and winds meet; The
Sea-sons may turn, often without
Warning, lofting gales upon drifting
Hearts, or allowing smooth crossings,
Uninterrupted, continuing to feed the
Sheets, to carry the ship along,
Though such matters weigh not on
The captain’s mind, as the thrill of
Being asea, wetting the hull, today,
Of consenting to the winds, when
They beckon, far outweighs the
Sorrow that may come, if it
Arrives at all.

So, without further ado, I am giving myself permission to sail onward and to face what may come my way.  Whether dread, sorrow, courage, or success, I would never know unless I turn towards the open sea!  Good day mates!


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