Changing Seasons!

I took off from writing on Sunday to enjoy the cooler Texas weather.  Finally, a break from heated humidity and a chance to witness the leaves rustling in the wind.  I like to think of Sunday’s as my day of rest and a time to recooperate from a tedious week of wonder and worry.  Almost like physical exercise, it allows me to recover from exercising my mind and face Monday with a fresh start.  Today, Monday, I am not feeling as fresh as I would like.  My email held in it one more rejection.  To offset my early morning dissappointment, I quickly flipped through the pages of my Guide to Literary Agents and sent off two more proposals to random agents who support my genre.  With a “take that” attitude, as I slammed my finger down on the ‘enter’ tab of my keyboard, I almost felt vindicated but frustrated still. 

I am not from a wealthy home with tons of support and contacts.  Most people on this earth do not even know that I exist yet I believe in myself enough to not let that stand in my way.  My life is a quiet life, having never been one to need much socialization.  I guess I am more of a loner whose mind is occupied with great ideas and a heartfelt desire to help others.  In my twenty years as a professional counselor, I never cared about the money but only being able to help someone get through the present day hurdle they were facing.  It was always my belief that if I could positively influence someone today, their tomorrow wouldn’t seem as negative.  Now, as I try to help people through my writing, wanting to reach a larger audience, I wish I had more contacts to make the process a bit easier.  Then again, I will embrace the process of getting published, including the continuous days of frustration and feeling like a failure, because I know that when my books reach the shelves of stores it will all be worth it!  I am following my own counsel.  Even as winter approaches, my heart is still warm!


One response to “Changing Seasons!

  1. Someday (soon I hope) many people will not only know that you exist but that you have a lot to offer them so that they can reach their full potential. "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall" (Confucius)

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