Feel the Energy!

Today is a fantastic day.  I can feel the energy all around and cannot wait to get to writing.  I’ll share that yesterday I received an offer to print a book I wrote earlier in the year and had all but forgotten about since I began marketing my most recent one.  The book is titled, “101 Behaviors a Guy Needs to Understand About His Woman!  P.S. It will make your life easier and her love for you greater!”  I give 101 tiny situations that many relationships experience, (from dating, P.M.S., in front of friends, marriage, around family, and more) and offer men tips on how to best handle the behavior exhibited by the woman of his dreams, especially when he just doesn’t get it.  It’s a fun read for couples and should be taken that way!

This contract is a boost I desperately needed and I can feel the change happening already.  I do not feel completely secure about the publisher but it’s my first book and I would love to get it out of the way and use it as a stepping stone to establish  more credentials.  Plus, I would love to show it to my mother so she could finally believe in me a little more.  I want her to be proud of me and stop thinking I’m foolish to follow my dreams.  Truthfully, I think she just worries about my ‘starving artist’ lifestyle but I don’t mind it.  Outside of not having much food, I like my beard and lack of knowing what is going to happen next.  Only now however, I know that there is a publisher who is interested in MY work and I will embrace the joy that comes with it!!  I still believe I would feel more secure having an agent watch out for me in this industry, I am excited and should be.  Agents obviously know much more than I do but then again, how would I know which agent is right for me?  It’s all about establishing a good relationship.  Besides, I don’t mind marketing my own work.  Hell, I’m proud of it!  Tee-shirt anyone?


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