Opening the Windows!

Today, the day after Halloween, was a bit of a recovery day.  My body struggled to recooperate from last night’s binge of halloween costumes and dark ales.  The apartment was filled with opression and sadness, so it seemed, and I felt ironed onto my sofa.  Thick and invisible weights rested upon my chest, matting me deeper into the cushions.  The only part of my body that I felt comfortable enough to move was my thumb and only to select a different channel on the remote.  Something had to change so I closed my eyes and napped for two hours.  Oh what a relief that was.  When I woke, I immediately opened the windows and new, fresh air filtered in through the screens.  Its cool feel quickly replaced the iron’s steaminess and the energy in my thumbs began spreading into my fingers as well. 

Sometimes, we just need to take a break and give our bodies ample time to rest.  Writing, though exciting and adventurous, can be stressful.  As I sit at my desk for long hours I can feel the tension in certain parts of my body but often neglect my physical needs and direct my attention to mending my stories.  Now that I am rested and feeling alive, t is time to write again and that is exciting!


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