Stormy days!

The weather outside was frightful…I love that verse!  Today’s weather was stormy as the winds howled non-stop and my chair on the balcony bounced with each gust.  I couldn’t help but work on my psycho-thriller rewrite.  I can understand the importance of working on different projects and can appreciate the value they bring.  Sometimes, as a writer, it is easy to focus solely on one thing, especially when writing a book.  However, by changing the project up and working on something different, there is a newness that fills the senses and fresh energy resurfaces as if just starting anew.  I had so much fun today working on my rewrite that I was completely captured by it.  Six hours passed by as if it had only been two and the story gained new life as details forgotten came to life. 

So, even though the weather may be frightful outside, it can be cause to stay in and work on something new, or reapproach something old.  Either way, you win and it is invigorating.  Often, we just need something different to pick us back up!  I’m sort of hoping tomorrow is just as stormy as today!


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