Ending the Edit!

Today is a very exciting day for me as I approach the last leg of editing my book, 101 Behaviors a Guy needs to Understand about His Woman!  It’s such a fun book to read for couples and, as most people know, for those men who struggle to understand some of the behaviors that their beautiful woman may exhibit.  As I was editing the work, which is due this coming Monday, I found myself chuckling away at my own humor.  I know, sounds a bit egotistical but it was quite funny considering I haven’t read it in over six months.  I just hope that those who buy the book approach it with an open-mind and a fun-filled heart.  The book is really meant to be fun but also to open the eyes of men and help them realize what many women experience and why.  No, I am not a woman but I do have a very soft side, a feminine side, that I don’t mind putting on display for the sake of improving relationships. 

Today, as I prepare to mail the manuscript to the publisher, I feel a great sense of accomplishment.  I know the editing process is not fully complete yet, but I also know that I have worked really hard on this book.  For a brief moment, I paused to rethink whether or not I wanted this book published.  I questioned my intent and tried to decide if this is the kind of material I want readers to know me for.  Well, that answer was tricky to say the least.  Yes, I want it published because once upon a time I believed in the humor of it and saw the value of making tricky scenarios less threatening.  And, yes, I want to be known as someone that can make progress and growth, in any area, easier to comprehend.  Things don’t always have to be as tough as we make them!


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