Tonight, my eyes are vacant,
My lover is not in sight,
Though my mind is filled,
With thoughts of seeing you near.

Tonight, my bed is empty,
I am alone and afraid,
The wind blows loudly,
I only wish to be held.

Tonight, my heart is weary,
Yet mindful of being touched,
Warm caressing hands,
Passionately soothing me.

Tonight, I can only wait,
‘Til the sun rises again,
And then I can hope,
That wishes will be answered.

Tonight, another day ends,
My body misses my dear,
To be loved by you,
To sleep in security.


One response to “Tonight

  1. Your use of imagery provides a powerful reinforcement to your emotions. This is one of your most powerful poems (I guess the Irish inspiration helped ha!). Each time I read the verses I find something new to savor!

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