Creative Mind!

It never ceases to amaze me how the mind is able to create.  Yesterday, I began writing a fantasy chapter book for young readers (ages 10-16).  Before beginning, I sat at my desk and desperately tried to conger up characters, places, events, and so forth.  My mind was blank, often known as writer’s-block.  However, I have always struggled with the idea that writer’s minds ever actually go blank.  We have so much to write about, regardless of genre and typical direction.  I have found that I am not able to limit myself to one or two genres because I really never know exactly what or where my creative thoughts are headed to.  I just like to write and I will write about anything to keep my fingers moving on the key pad.  When I sense a block coming on, like a headache, I take appropriate action and just begin typing the first thought that comes to mind.  Just like I would jump up and take a pill to offset a headache.  I take action to ward off being blocked by my own lack of trying.

So, yesterday, I typed my first thought for my fantasy book and the next thing I knew, I was twelve pages and three hours in and had developed nineteen fantasy places and characters in the first chapter.  Wow!  I was so amazed by the creative process that I ran out to the store and purchased a notebook so that I could write down the nineteen new places and characters just so I could keep up with myself.  Also, I needed to help myself so that I wouldn’t have to keep back-searching to remember what, where, and who things were as I continue to build the story.  I know this is going to be a tedious task but one that is absolutely thrilling as my mind continues to unfold its fantasy side.  I have never written fantasy before but I am willing to embrace the process and the potential of what this book will become!  I would say “cheers” to you but that word is not in the world that my mind recently created!


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