Fantasy: Day 2

Now that I had completed the first chapter of my new fantasy book for young readers (ages 10-15), and have all of the places, characters, and so forth written neatly next to my computer for quick reference, it was time to start on chapter 2.  Wow, that was a lot to say.  Coincidentally, that is also how I felt.  As I stared at my laptop from across the room, I felt like maybe I had taken on more than I could chew, swallow, and actually digest.  With so many things to remember to ensure the storyline carried out consistently, I felt overwhelmed.  Then, I had a nice little “self-talk” with my creative side.  If I was able to start the story than I also new that I could see it through to completion, regardless of how difficult.  After all aren’t we, as writers and doers on this earth, supposed to stretch our boundaries every now and again.  Needless to say, I am stretching mine and going beyond my comfort zone, which actually makes me feel proud to take-on such an involved project.  If I can make it through this, I mean, when I make it through this, I will be that much richer in my confidence!

So, I opened my computer and my notepad.  I etched a timeline of events that would occur in the story and titled the places and characters not yet announced.  Next, I reread the first chapter to refresh my mind on the direction of the story and finally started typing.  Almost as if hitting the pause button on my dvd remote (no, I don’t have a universal remote) to unpause where I had left off, the story gradually began unfolding and moving again in my head.  Before I knew it I had picked up right where I left off and made it through chapter 2.  Remarkable!  I am even more excited now as I feel my confidence rising and my creativity truly blossoming.  I didn’t think I could and am elated to realize that I can.  So can YOU!


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