In the midst of greatness!

It is amazing when a person realizes they are in the midst of something great.  Regardless of whether it is earth-shattering or something more personal, when greatness happens you must embrace it.  As I continue writing my fantasy book for younger readers, I realized yesterday that I was now captivated by the story.  When I first starting writing the story it seemed a grueling task, one that I wasn’t sure I was capable of actually completing.  However, I pushed through it because I wanted to write this story for a very personal reason.  Now, as the story continues to unfold and the characters and details become livelier to me, I have discovered that I am in the midst of something great, for me, and hopefully many others who may one day read this book.

So, how does one realize when they are in the midst of their own great happening?  The answer is relatively easy which often makes it difficult to see.  So easy in fact, that many, including myself, often overlook it.  Realizing you are in the midst of something great unfolding becomes known when you accept that it is consuming you.  You cannot stop thinking about it, visualizing it, wanting more of it.  It is touching on the core of emotions and desires that you are trying to create, much like a detective wanting nothing more than to solve the case.  Then, after you realize something wonderful is taking shape, embrace it as it has embraced you.  Ride it out until completion and an overwhelming sense of great satisfaction will wave over you and fill your senses, causing them to erupt with emotional pleasure.  Yes, it is that sensual.  It is time to feel proud of yourself for creating something great!


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