Happy to say Thanks!

Imagine if it was the law to say “Thank You” everytime you spoke to someone.  Regardless of the other person being a stranger, a family member, a lover, a long time friend, etc.  And, if you didn’t say “Thank You” then the other person could report you to the authorities, who could garnish your wages, arrest you, imprison you for repeat offenses, and so on.  Now, imagine if someone didn’t say “Thank You” to you and it was your responsibility, your duty to report them.  It is your role and their role to help society maintain an attitude of thanks.  What if it was your lover who didn’t say “Thank You?”  What if it was your mother? Or your child?  Would you fulfill your duties to society? 

In today’s communities across the globe, saying “Thank You” is often neglected.  Instead, many have turned away from such a simple saying and have forgotten what it is to be thankful.  No, I wouldn’t want it to be a law, it would certainly lose its meaning of importance as history has taught us, but I do wish that the world would remember how good it makes us feel and the affect it has on those we say it to.  So, be happy to say “Thanks” and be thankful that it isn’t law.  Also, if you’re thankful in your heart for all you do have in life, you’ll be happier to share it!  Happy Thanks-Giving day!


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