Black Friday Blue-Tooth’s rise to Shame! (song included)

I can’t help to think about all the wonderful people who are getting trampled, even as I write this.  I woke this morning envisioning aisles filled with wounded bodies, lying helplessly on the floor, yet amazingly their arms still reached for another sale item just at the tip of their fingers.  I saw shopping bags ripped open, spilling their contents onto the tiled retail race-track.  Now sing along to my Black Friday song, just think Rudolph:

Men, women, and even children, (And HERE IS THE SONG PART) dashing and smashing, jetting and fretting, shoving and no-loving, until they finally saw, the most famous item of alllllllll…two-dollars off a blue tooth, that had a very tiny light, and if you every blocked it, your hand would light up at night…all of the other shoppers, used to laugh and called them games, they never felt that bluetooth, would ever amount to fame…then one dropped call yesterday, turkeys came to say, why don’t you buy something great, something you’ll appreciate…then all the other shoppers, ran into their nearest mall, bluetooth the alien’s headset, you’ll be used in bathroom stalls!

Happy Black Friday!


2 responses to “Black Friday Blue-Tooth’s rise to Shame! (song included)

  1. In my ahem some odd decade odd years, I'd never done Black Rfiday, shyah, like that wasn't freudian, because I covet pencils paper and books and little else (okay, warmth and the succor of a jacuzzi). However, I believe MOST experiences should be embraced before eschewed. So when my niece wanted to sally forth at 5:00 a.m., I stayed the company of the night (thank goodness for dvds and Sanctuary) and braved and braced the icy roads at 4:30. I was surprised. I found many helpful, despite my insomniac, nearly hallucinegenic(SP?) state, one fella I met at the beginning and yet again at the end of my day, which I thought odd. But then, we are a part of the world and to be economically challenged is to be creative. When I knocked over stacks of bedding he gave me solace. Five minutes later, when I'm wandering the halls of evil that is Walmart, he directed me at least to the correct nave. And he smiled and nodded wearily at the end of the day when I gave him shit about meeting in a place like this (my niece works at Dunkin Donuts). I won't say I'll rush out to do it again in the next few years, nor will I say I will never do it again. It is an odd sense to be a part of the herd, and as a writer I'd like to believe the experience informed my hearing.

  2. Dear AGYW,Thanks for sharing. IT sounds that you had quite the experience, as expected, and made the most of it! It's funny how our experiences enhance our writing skills and abilities, which is one reason it is so important to remain a part of the world around us. We need those voices, crashings of beddings, coffee smells, and so much more! Now, you're an experienced Black Friday-er! Jaymes

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