Thankful for Quiet!

As the weekend passed by, I found the quiet around me surreal.  As the people around me emptied the complex’s parking lots to visit family for the holidays, I found this a great time to focus on my book and write, a lot!  Sometimes, writers need a naturally quiet environment, as opposed to the aritifical ones that we try very hard to create, which can be exhausting.  When noise is all around us, it can often be a strenuous task to block the outside world and keep ourselves from being distracted.  This past weekend, I found it a great opportunity, and an easy one, to just write without worrying about distractions.  The parking lot of my complex was vacant and the maintenance crew had off.  There were no passerbys shouting at their dogs as they “walked” them.  When I looked out of my window, I saw peace.

The fantasy book for young readers that I’ve been working on, requires my full attention.  With creative worlds, characters, and happenings, it was much easier this weekend to envision the scenes because I wasn’t distracted.  Though I didn’t get to see family for the holiday, I did get to see some of them clearly in my mind, as a few of the characters are based off of their personalitites.  Yes, I long for such moments of quiet and, despite missing a thanksgiving feast, I engulfed far less calories!  Besides, I’m thankful everyday, which means that I can celebrate Thanksgiving when I’m not creating a fantasy world.


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