Life’s unexpected shifts…a heart’s awakening!

This morning I woke, ready to take on the day of writing and hopefully finishing my fantasy book.  I poured my sweet aromatic coffee and brought the warm mug to my lips.  That first, most savoring touch of morning brew hightened my senses as life began to pour into my body once more.  I sat and enjoyed the next few sips, making sure my mind was alert and prepared for creating a magically wonderful ending to my fantasy tale.  Then, the phone rang.  As I took notice of the caller I.D., I knew it wasn’t good news.  Though I live far away from my family, I stay in touch enough to know that they typically are at work so early in the day.  The caller was my brother who went on to inform me that one of my most cherished family members had passed away unexpectedly while the sky was still black.  Tears rushed out of my eyes and all things planned were now postponed for something of greater importance; remembering.

Today, I write in honor of my Grandmother of whom I am extremely thankful to have experienced almost four decades of life with.  Her precious smile and curious laughter when she greeted me on her front porch always brought me comfort.  Just like the way she called my name, often after I said something rediculous.  She never judged nor shamed.  She would pat my hand, sandwiched between her arthritic palms, and tell me how love often operated.  Her words were gentle and sincere, always hopeful of healing old wounds.  With eyes that told me she loved and cared for me deeply and a fragile embrace that wrapped around all of who I am, she is the bravest and lovliest woman that I know.  Her heart is, and always has been committed to my grandfather, spanning almost sixty years of marriage.  Now, she will be able to rejoin her prized companion through her courage and strength of walking through the doors of eternity.  Today, my tears are of sadness and of peace, knowing that my grandmother’s life has been completed on earth and now will begin anew in heaven.  I love you Grandma.  Thanks for being my angel!  


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