Things to write about!

The writing process is a wonderful thing, especially when you are not writing.  As I live life and experience several happenings around me, I can feel how certain scenarios touch on those deeper emotions that I had hoped were tucked safely away at the bottom of my well.  However, life often has tricks to play on a person and reminds them that such emotions still exist.  Events such as reconnecting with family, old friends, observing the passing of a loved one, trying to fit in, overcoming the past, and so much more.  For me, this past week has challenged my heart, pulling tightly on those strings that leave me stranded between wanting to run away and wanting to run closer to those who do the pulling.  These same people cause me to feel, to experience something emotionally risky, and to pay close attention to what is happening inside of me.

As I write, such scenarios help me to actually write better.  When I develop characters, environments, kitchen scenes, funerals, family interactions, etc., such life experiences help me to reflect and accurately record those feelings in the words that I write.  Those experiences, though they may not be easy to live through, or they become easier to live through and appreciate, allow me to write with feeling, from the heart, and describe the stringed instrument that plays chords in my heart and my soul.  They allow me to let the reader get a true glimpse inside and live through it with me.  It is what makes connections between writer and reader.  For that, I am thankful for the awkward, comfortable, healing, and sometimes dreadful experiences which have given me plenty of things to write about in great detail.  That’s the beauty of life, we can all draw from our experiences to enhance who we are and how we live!


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