Writing with emotion…not emoticons!

Writing is one of the few methods left that actually allow a person to describe emotions.  Too often today, emotions are shut down by gadgets and make-shift pictures in texting, blogging, etc.  However, in order to truly connect with readers, writers need to use an old and proven practice that has held true for mutliple millenium: writing.  I remember when all forms of written communication were actually written out by hand.  Though I love the easier process of typing and punching phone keypads, when it come to telling a story, readers want to feel connected and the only way to make that happen is to literally write (type) with emotions.  For many writers, getting an emotional situation across is daunting if not impossible.  This is where acting school comes in-hand for writers. 

When writing from the heart, it is important to take a minute and put yourself back into a situation that allows you to feel.  Yes, feel the emotions.  If your writing a dark scene than remember a personally dark time.  If writing about love, remember a loving time, and so forth.  It is much easier to describe emotions when you can actually feel them.  Then, you will be able to expound upon them and use metaphores to help readers grip the scene as you want them too.  Today, as I write, I must put myself back into a time that was hurtful to me, reliving some of those damaging emotions so that I can accurately describe them for my readers.  I want my readers to feel the pain with me and to do that I will be sure that I too am feeling it too!


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