There are few moments in life when I, or most people, actually feel completely connected to someone else.  Often, we don masks to fit in or keep situations calm thus not truly being ourselves.  We like to join in on conversations and agree to things we don’t really agree with or act in ways we normally wouldn’t act if not in a particular circumstance.  Even though we try to be ourselves and emit our true emotions, ideas, beliefs, and behaviors, it is sometimes difficult to find “those people” that really accept who we are and everything else about us.  We all seem to have thoughts of what we are willing to accept and feel connected with, when around other people.  Thankfully, we are all different and so this is an acceptable practice.  However, imagine, if you will, what the world would be like if everyone accepted everyone, regardless of differences.

These past few days, for me, have been some of my greatest.  Not only has my father begun to accept the person that I am, and maybe he did all along, but we actually talked about it maturely for the first time.  The conversation was such a time of healing for me that the days to follow were absolutely fantastic.  Then, a person that I feel truly connected with in all areas of life came for a visit.  Though the visit was far shorter than I wished it to be, it made my heart leap with joy and of feeling accepted for the person that I am.  Love, it is a deep word that is often lived and expressed at the surface level.  Today, because my father has reached out to me, I feel years of wounds instantly healed.  I am so proud of my dad!  Today, because I was visited by a friend who truly understands everything about me, I feel blessed and appreciated.  Though these are two different forms of closeness, they are both examples of what true love is and I am grateful for them!


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