Write life!

There is nothing greater than when a writer takes the time to reflect upon their own life.  By doing so, writers are more able to get in tune with self; feelings, thoughts, ideas, dreams, etc.  Life throws many things at each one of us and it is important to take the time to analize how these things impact our lives.  Why?  Because one day, every writer will use these moments, emotions, thoughts, and more and incorporate them into the writing.  This is why I tend to spend a great deal of time focusing on the things that happen in my life.  To share these moments with you is not only growth and development in the analysis process but it also allows me to try to put these happenings into words.  Let’s just say it is a sketch pad for first attempts to describe the sensations that I feel when living through such times.  Try it!

Think of a time that you experienced something that caused you to express great emotions, whether good or not so good.  Now, try to write about your situation.  By doing this, you are essentially establishing a note pad in your brain that you can recall later when you are writing about a similar situation in your book or article.  It’s a great exercise to practice and make part of your routine.  As writers, we need to find ways to continue to build our skills.  We often get distracted by what we are writing (book, article, etc.) but need to take the time to hone our skills by writing about our own lives.  Have fun with it and write about yourself with passion and detail.  You never know, you may end up writing a great short story or even another book!


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