The right mood to write!

This applies to ever passion, writer or not!  There’s really no question about it, when a writer is in the right mood to write, the writing is right on!  Okay, sorry for the alliteration but you have to admit that it makes a lot of sense.  As I work towards finishing my young adult fantasy, I have found that I haven’t been in the right mood to successfully complete the ending.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, I have recently been bombarded with other tasks requiring my attention; editing my 101 Behaviors book, which is in the publishing process, has taken priority along with updating my blog sites with format and layout revisions, marketing on twitter, establishing my linked-in network, updating facebook, and interviewing marketers and assistants that will help me create material for marketing 101 Behaviors, has all consumed me.  Though I believe these are all good things to be happening right now, I really want to finish my YA fantasy book this week. I miss it!

Being in the right mood to write is extremely crucial.  As a writer, it is easy to get into the created story and stick with it through completion when not distracted by other needs.  However, sometimes it is difficult to leave the writing to attend to other needs when all you want to do is work on the story.  Though everything is equally as important to do (i.e. finished book=editing=publication=marketing=making a living), it is even more important to complete the projects that weigh on the mind heavier.  I have devised a simple solution for my life and want to share it with you.  Never try to clean the slate completely to make room for writing.  Why? The slate will never be empty!  As a writer, write.  When you need a break from writing (which we all do) then work on the slate of other tasks.  It’s actually nice to sit in my p.jays at night and design my blogs. Whatever you do, as a writer or anything else, don’t lose focus of your passion, mine is writing, because of everything you feel that you need to do.  You know as well as I do, the more you write, the better your mood and the better your writing because you’re doing what you love to do.  Stay focused.  Excuse me now, I have a book to finish!


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