At a time when my world
Had broken into pieces and fell,
Fresh rose petals bowed in grey,
Clean water turned brown,
A whisper drifted upon the wind,
Flowing gracefully through dense skies,
And I waited, alone,
Staring afar, into the changing tide,
Floods ebbing as the day’s light rest,
Prairies of golden wheat fading into black,
I sat, still, on the chilled earth’s floor,
Smokey frost exiting my mouth,
And I waited some more, eyes closed,
Wind scratching at my face,
When finally, your voice reached my ear,
Faintly, I could hear you, calling me,
I sat with a stir in my heart, looking,
My eyes filled with hope, a new sun,
Floating upward, searching for you,
As if my flying feet refused to land,
Rose petals reddened, waters cleared,
The air less thick, warmth in the blanket
Of hearing your voice, then silence,
And a silhouette of you nearing,
Stretching your arms around me,
At last, we are together!


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