Struggling to understand…

As a shadow longs for the sun to come out,
and as a bird awaits the wind,
and when sails are left empty of life’s breath,
the tides will change to carry us home.
Just as the moon knows when to shine,
and as the stars take their nightly seat,
and when the planets spin around the sun,
the galaxies perform in one accord.
For each day, we know not life’s plan,
though the past presents the future,
our hearts can rest in assurance,
that tomorrow will never be the same.
So, as a shadow lies and wonders,
while the bird perches and believes,
and the sails make ready for gusts,
our loved ones will show us the way!
And as the moon’s gazing light dims,
and the stars fade into the day,
the planets continue their turning,
so our lives are all in accord!

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