The art of waiting…

Did you ever have something great occur but had to wait to find out what it was?  Much like being giving a holiday gift but you couldn’t open it right away.  Well, when my publisher first explained that my book was partially released (full release on Valentine’s Day), I was inundated with ideas for marketing and immediately wanted to get my book into everyone’s hands.  Which of course doesn’t happen that way.  It took me a few days to relax and realize that marketing doesn’t occur as rapidly as my thoughts or desires do.  Thankfully, I have a wonderful assistant who is hard at work to help me establish a great marketing strategy.  Not only does it comfort me to know that we are moving forward but it also helps me to appreciate each step of the process, just like writing a book.  One step at a time.  Of course I want my book in every household across the globe, who doesn’t?  But, because I am not yet educated on the marketing build-up and having to wait for responses and planning strategies, it was easy for me to feel let down by things not moving quicker.

There is a time and place for everything.  It is a strategy that I live by and so should you.  I have just recently been reminded of this and now can ease my concerns, of not moving fast enough, because I know that we cannot force everything to happen when we want it to.  The universe moves at a different pace and as long as we don’t interfere, things will work out great.  I love the unexpected things in life, that’s what makes it so compelling and adventurous.  I don’t want everything planned out to a tee, nor do I always want to know the details.  It makes this wave of life more enjoyable and surprising.  Who doesn’t like surprises?  However, I am also an action-oriented person and when things aren’t happening than I start to panic internally.  Most of us call it stress.  It is during these times that we need to calm ourselves and trust that we are being looked-out for.  By whom?  Well, let’s just say that our lives are seen by the unseen!


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