When life reminds us…

As the holidays approach for many around the globe (some already celebrating), we are often reminded during vacations just how stressful life can be.  I wonder why it takes vacations to remind us of stress.  Is it because we are so caught up in our stressful lives that when given opportunities to relax, our bodies decompensate and the internally crammed stress begins rising to the surface?  Or, is it because we feel that living with stress and so much to do has become the norm, thus making vacations the abnormal aspects of our lives?  If either are correct, it truly is a sad situation.  So, this holiday season, I want to encourage everyone to focus on enjoying your time away from your normal life and begin to adapt a vacation mentality.

What I mean by “vacation mentality” is this: If you are living your dream life, thus working a job or living a lifestyle that aligns your heart and mind, than you shouldn’t be so stressed.  Each day is a wonderful presentation of all that you have done to get this far in life and should be viewed through palm-tree framed polarized sunglasses!  You should step back, often, and smile at the wonderful life that you live.  However, if your life is not your dream world than what is stopping you from achieving your dream world?  There are many small steps that everyone can take to get themselves one step further, towards living their dream.  You may not achieve it immediately but by taking one small step, you are at least believing in yourself and not allowing your dream to be forgotten.  As long as you are moving forward, you are successful!  So, what does your life remind you of?  Stress or vacation?


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