Down to the wire…or not!

As the year comes to an end, I reflect upon the many accomplishments of the last 12 months (why bother reflecting on those things not accomplished?).  I was able to finish writing my youth fantasy book and get it sent off to my editor, as well as wrote five other books, one is already published.  For me, this year has been a very successful one even though it didn’t start out that way.  Not only did I finally move into the career that I have longed for (thanks to the help of a very important person in my life), but I faced a few shaky circumstances in getting started; mainly not knowing what I was doing.  Now, I feel much closer to understanding what I am doing and feel more prepared for the new year.  

The next two weeks will be spent finalizing my marketing plan for my published book and getting my notes completed for the start of a new book that I will begin writing after January 1st.  I have to say, these last six months have been exciting; meeting thousands of new people, building marketing skills, networking constantly, and seeing dreams come to fruition.  As I get down to the wire…or not…I am thankful for all that has been accomplished and I feel a more accomplished person than ever before.  Thank you for sharing in this with me!  I wish each of you an accomplished and fun 2011.  May there be many more smiles than frowns; or if you frown may you turn your body upside down to make it into a smile!  The only real deadline in life is your happiness!


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