Thinking ahead…

Though the holidays are among us, I cannot help but think of the upcoming year and all that may be in store.  I will be attending the New York Writer’s Conference in January and pitching my fantasy book for young teens.  Thankfully, I have a wonderful editor, Jess (, who has assured me that my book will be ready for the event.  This last week has been spent trying to get my pitch down to under a minute since time with agent’s at the conference is short.  I also will be implementing my marketing plan for my newly released book 101 Behaviors…, thanks to the help of my wonderful assistant Mary (, and will be interviewed by several book reviewers and bloggers for pod casts.  It is a very exciting time for me and I believe it is going to be an exiting time for you too!

The New Year doesn’t necessarily mean that everything has to be new.  There are probably many things that you have started that will continue on into the new year.  I would encourage you to get excited about the continuation of things and how you can improve on what has already been started.  Everything that you accomplished, or didn’t accomplish, in the past year still has life to it.  Just because a new year begins doesn’t mean to forget about old projects.  As an author, I have learned that finishing a book is truly just the beginning of the process.  There is still much work that needs to be done and the new year brings a renewed sense of life to that process.  Maybe, the new year is all about discovering new methods or strategies that will enhance those things that you long to accomplish.  Embrace the process of growth and you will feel richer on the inside and life will appear to be a very colorful place!


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