A day to be inspired…

Last night, I felt that I needed some inspiration to write and made a plan to get up the next morning (today), get dressed, eat breakfast and then go to one of my favorite places to write, my local coffee shop.  Yes, it’s true.  I love writing at my coffee shop and I had almost forgotten all about it.  Over the last six months, I have been so consumed with writing books that were already on my plate that I had forgotten to take some time to keep my inspiration going.  Sure, we can run on the fuel of our past inspirations for so long but they will not keep us going for ever.  I know, its sad but true.  And yes, I actually had to plan a time for me to go and be inspired.  Sitting at home all day, writing, is a dream come true for me but it can at times feel isolating.  I see the same couch, the same book shelf, the same bathroom and kitchen and dresser.  Don’t misunderstand me, I love my place but I need to get out of it and go write elsewhere sometimes and so I did.  Yeah for me! 

Even though I am not a socialite, I enjoy seeing other people do their thing.  I enjoy feeling their energy and I especially enjoy checking out their latest fashion trends.  Yes, I am a closeted fashion junky who loves soft fabrics, nice watches, and a well put together outfit, which is why I am wearing my blue cashmere scarf over my red puma tee-shirt that also has blue in it.  You see, it is things like this that we forget about when we are so focused on something else all of the time.  Each person has many facets and each facet needs to be given proper time and attention.  It is what makes us whole and complete.  So, regardless of what you are doing today, make sure to give your other facets some attention.  You’ll be inspired and feel better about yourself!  Now, I must drink my favorite coffee (except for the kind my lover makes me) and keep writing with my new inspiration and energy!


2 responses to “A day to be inspired…

  1. I enjoyed your observation of fashion and environment as having influence on us. I didn't really think about it until now but I enjoy working in an area that inspires me and then I'll do my best work. When I know I have a difficult day ahead of me, I purposely wear clothes that make me feel great. I don't know how but it makes my day more productive and enjoyable! Jess (DeskofJess.com)

  2. Hey Jess, thanks for your comment! I totally understand what you are saying…when I want to be inspired, I go out and do something that I enjoy. It is amazing how our clothes make us feel, and sometimes just stepping outside and getting away from our desk! I can tell when I'm not inspired…I stay in my pajamas (yes, I wear them when it's chilly)! J

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