End of year blagh…

As the end of the year settles in, I am finding that it is tough to be excited.  It is almost like waiting for something magical to happen and it’s taking way too long.  I know that the next year will be great, each year always is, but this is the time of year that I have the most struggles.  I have worked so hard to make it through the year and am ready to catapult into the new year but now I have to wait for it to happen.  Everyone around me is off from work or their office is semi-vacant.  There isn’t much noise outside my window, everything seems quite as if we are all supposed to hide inside and wait til the coast is clear.  My mind is relaxed and my body has enjoyed the extra workouts as I find ways to help time pass.  The NY Writer’s Conference is coming up in four weeks and that is what I am focused on.  So, instead of writing, I’ve gone to the theatre to see a few movies, which is nice, and make more frequent stops at Starbuck’s, which is nicer.  I think I’m feeling the funk!

In retrospect, the end of just about anything is filled with let-down.  Each of us has put forth so much time and energy trying to make this past year the best that it could be, like an 11 month high.  Now, we are sobering up as the we reach the end of this rainbow and await a new one to shine.  Some would say to keep pressing on and make the most of the last few days, like not slowing down at the finish line of the marathon so that you don’t lose one second on your time.  Well, I say, if you’re feeling like me, now is a great time for doing other things too.  We all know that when the new year comes, we will head into it with a plan for attack.  So why not allow yourself, this week, to tidy up and prepare for the next week, the next year?  There is always much to do but there is not always a set time every year, like this week of blagh, where you can just accept the inevitable high let-down and do something different.  I really should learn new ways to tie my scarfs!


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