Last day…a renewed star!

I don’t claim to know everything about how the universe works but I have to admit, that sometimes, it completely blows me away!  As the year comes to an end, a falling star landed at my feet.  At first sight, stars glitter and shine and a viewer’s eyes are quickly distracted by other shimmering wonders in the midnight sky.  That first star, the one I spent years gazing at, could no longer be seen as my eyes were easily overwhelmed by so many look-alikes appearing, crowding the black canvas.  At first, my star felt loved and desired, the center of attention, only to be over-shadowed by so many others wanting a similar limelight.  As time passed on, its brightness began to fade and as it tried to put forth the effort to sparkle as it once did, it couldn’t.  So many other stars shared the same moon’s reflection.  So many other stars blocked my line of sight.

Then, in a stroke of brilliance, the once popular star came up with a wonderful plan, requiring much courage and strength.  Regardless of what the outcome would be, it was going to make its move, successfully or die trying.  Without warning and without fear, the dimly lit star raced passed the others and, with one last muster of light, dove through the sky.  Many eyes watched in wonder as the star fell, shooting across the sky and then disappearing over the horizon.  Except for me, I know exactly where my first star landed, right in front of me.  My star’s light glowed with excitement and fully recharged, shining like never before.  It was once again the center of my attention, the sparkly in my eye.  Somehow, the universe knew what others did not.  Somehow, the universe, 20 years later, brought a dear friend back into my life and on this last day of the year, I am blessed by the shimmering light that was once fading away!


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