It’s really exciting…

It is really exciting to see all things coming together.  I have worked hard to finish my book, get it edited, work through the publishing process, and now learning and implementing the marketing process of my book (due out February 14th).  With the help of my wonderful assistant, reviewers are starting to request copies of my book and I just ordered a large amount of copies for myself to promote locally.  I am sure that many of you have been through similar processes but this in particular is all new for me.  It is a very affirming process that lets me know that I am doing what I love and am driven to do.  It is funny though, the thoughts that travel through my mind.  “Will the reviewers like/dislike my book?”  “Will people mock me as a wannabe writer?”  “I wonder what it will be like once I start getting reviews?”  So many thoughts and so much energy is surging through me that I might not be able to sleep for a while.

Either way, regardless of reviewers and critics (positive or negative), I wouldn’t change things.  I write because it is the one thing in this world that I am truly passionate about.  I write in a different style and I don’t worry about trying to be like other writers.  I use my voice, my creativity, and most importantly, I use my emotions.  After all, isn’t that what makes people seperate from others?  As in any deed that is done, it is those who believe in themselves, their abilities, their passions, and who actually follow them that will stand apart; not just to the world but within themselves.  So, I encourage you, make sure that your heart and mind and soul are in alignment and you will experience the burst of energy that flows when the pipes are fitted right.  When water pipes are not connected properly, lots of water is lost.  When your heart, mind, and soul are not lined up where they should be, lots of who you truly are is lost also!


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