On going saga…

So, I ‘ve been working on a saga poem for the last week now, which is a new experience for me.  I love creativity and how our minds just open up and paint pictures of stories, some worth writing about and others not so much.  Regardless, it’s a wonderful experience and I would encourage anyone to sit down with a piece of paper, a laptop, paint and canvas, and just start writing or painting whatever starts coming to mind.  As soon as you allow you mind to catch on to a particular thought, it begins developing details of character descriptions, sentence structures, story lines, flow, and, if you’re painting, you’ll suddenly realize, after that first stroke, that your mind begins seeing the next stroke and then the next.  This form is typically known as ‘freestyle’ but more importantly, it is what our minds often long for.  A ‘doing’ that is outside of our normal patterns and methods.

When I started my saga poem, I only had the first two lines.  As I have learned in the past, the first two lines are plenty enough for a story to be created and developed if I allow my mind to go where it wants to.  This is the major reason that I am not classified genre writer, because I never really know where my mind will travel once I write those first two lines.  I just let it be what it is and I write how my mind creates.  Though this is an exiciting practice, it actually takes time and many attempts to get used to.  Our minds are typically directed by what is acceptable in our routine driven life.  We try to force things to happen and stay within the lines on the road we feel most comfortable travelling on.  However, to tap into more of the brains abilities, we must allow our instruments to veer off-course and onto new terrain.  This is how we learn to push the boundaries of our abilities and become more comfortable at trying new things!  Let go and Let it flow!  By the way, my first two lines have turned into 12 single-spaced pages so far!


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