That first copy…

Yesterday, I got a surprise knock on my front door and it was the UPS man.  He handed me a yellow envelope and asked me to sign for it.  I did, seeing that it was from my publisher.  Though I knew what it was going to be, I ripped through the envelope like a starving werewolf rips through its next meal.  Finally, my very own copy of my book 101 Behaviors a Guy Needs to Understand about His Woman! arrived and was in my hands.  It was such an amazing feeling to see things come to completion.  I starting flipping through the pages and for the first time, I read my book as a reader and not a writer (though I kept scanning for errors).  Oh, well, I tried. 

Later, in the evening, I walked down to my pub with my book in hand.  I sat at the bar and ordered my favorite drink as a means of celebration for receiving my book (in case you didn’t know, Irish people can use anything as a cause for the need to celebrate and yes, I’m Irish).  The barkeep asked me what I was celebrating and I held up my book.  She couldn’t believe that I was the author and asked to see it.  As she flipped through the pages, I could hear her making comments like, “Yep, my friend needs this,” and, “Yep, I can relate to that one.”  So, I gave her the book, hoping that she would introduce it to others, her friends especially.  It was nice to see the target audience responding positively to my book and though I gave away my only copy, I felt satisfied knowing that it had reached a reader’s hands.


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