Waiting is tough…

There is no doubt about it, waiting for reviewers to write their reviews of your book is tough to do.  I am so excited about how many reviewers responded to the letter that my wonderful assistant Mary put out there.  Now, all we can do is wait.  My book fully releases 2/14/11 and trying to create a buzz is fun and emotionally draining.  I’m nervous, of course, because this will be the first time, for me, that a large audience of people that I don’t know will be reading my work.  Secondly, I have no idea what they are going to write about my book and how much buzz it will create.  Though I believe in my book as a fun read for men and women, whether in a relationship or not, it is a step of faith to trust that enough people will like it and encourage their audiences to buy it. 

I can tell how worked up I am about waiting because the book I am working on now is loaded with emotional situations.  Often, the emotions, as I write them, seem to be overflowing within me and onto the pages.  Good or bad, I don’t know but it is definitely therapeutic for the moment.  I just hope that when I go back and read what I’ve written that I won’t have to start all over again because it is too emotionally charged.  I’ve only got a week before the NY Writer’s Conference and I still haven’t mastered my pitch for my kids fantasy book.  What to do; what to do?  Oh well, there’s no sense in fretting over something out of your control.  I’ll put my stress on the shelf and pull out my jar of giddiness!  Happy writing!


2 responses to “Waiting is tough…

  1. waiting is definitely the worst!! And it's usually the longest when it's something important you're waiting for… reviews on a book… results at the doctors…dinner… hang in there and remember, the book hasn't been fully released yet too đŸ™‚

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