Surfing the marketing process…

As you all know, I am currently working with my assistant who had put together a wonderful marketing campaign for my 101 Behaviors book.  With a few interviews already set up, we are discussing television appearances on a few local and non-local stations.  Along with interviews, reviewers have started commenting on the book and my nerves are beginning to ease.  There are more decisions to be made when marketing a book and I am finding this a fun learning process.  Many questions enter my mind about which avenues are the most properous to follow and which are truly devils in disguise.  Thankfully, I possess, what I like to call, a surfer mentality.  Sure, I have surfed before, never being really great at it, but it is the principles of surfing that have guided me to make important decisions and to learn to accept the outcomes of those decisions whether good or not-so-good. 

You see, in the ocean, waves come and waves go.  The important thing to remember is that the ocean continues to produce waves, some big and others small, on a continual basis.  As a surfer, it is nice to sit on your board in the ocean and watch for the wave that you want to ride.  If you never grab a wave, you haven’t surfed.  More experienced surfers know what waves will provide them with the better ride while less experienced surfers are just happy to catch a wave, regardless of size.  Well, in the book world, I am a less experienced surfer who is glad to ride small waves so that I can understand how they influence my process.  With each wave that I catch, I learn more and become more skilled.  The more that I develop my skills and understanding, the choosier I can be about which waves I will ride.  However, as any surfer knows, on flat days, a small wave might just be the giant you’ve been waiting for!  Surf’s up!


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