I often wonder of the pangs felt
by the tree that has grown
for many years; stretching tall
and weathering storms and
standing alone in one place.

Yet still, to this day, my mind
cannot escape the thoughts
of mountains reaching higher
and beaches eroding in salt
as the earth remains one size.

Tomorrow may bring more
changes in shapes and in the
weather throughout the planet
but does it ever just want to
calm and be still?

And I question my own
growth, so much in body
and in mind and in spirit
but all so quick as a person’s
time is unlike that of the tree.

So few days a person
wanders, the pangs of growth
never ceasing to exist, though the
ceasing of sunrises and moon
settings are almost extinct.

How does the tree do it,
continuing to expand without
ever having a feast with its’
neighbors or a university to
attend and cram for tests?

Yet it stands, still and alone,
only surrounding by others
alike, which must be the key
to its lasting for so long; to be
among those that can relate.

                              Jaymes Ian Woode


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