An empty wish

What is a wish without something
to wish for; like a well without
water, an ocean without salt.

Yet, what is a wish that is useless
in meaning; like something that
only benefits the wisher.

And, when a wish is made over
an eyelash, or a flower, or even
a coin, is it truly a genuine wish?

However, twenty long years have
passed since I made a wish, with
closed eyes, and a silent prayer.

Wish after wish, year after year,
i wished only to know how your
life had turned out for you.

Now, my wish, and maybe yours
too, has been answered, and the
whole world will benefit.

And, the well will flood with
spring water; the ocean will be
overflowing with new salt.

The eyelash will land perfectly,
upon the face of a new tomorrow,
and the flower’s seeds will blossom.

The coin, the many coins, that I
bent over to pick up, hold more value
than what is shown upon their faces.

All because a wish was made that
held meaning; more than wondering
without belief of wishes coming true!

                                         Jaymes Ian Woode


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