Love lessons from a treadmill!

 Today, I will go as far as saying that love is much like a workout.  In fact, I will go a bit further to say that all you need to know about love can be discovered by a lengthy workout on the treadmill.  How can this be?  Glad you asked.  Today, as I ran on the treadmill, my mind started drawing several comparisons to love and how to keep love healthy, just like your heart.  Maybe it is because I have been the patient of cardiologists for so long now, and because I am passionate about love and relationships, that I can understand these things.  Regardless of why, I will do my best to help you understand them too!  So, here are 5 love lessons from a treadmill:

1. You set the pace!  The nice thing about treadmills is that you have control over the pace in which you walk or run.  The same is true for love.  You are the only one who can determine how much you are able to give or push yourself in a relationship.  You are the best judge in knowing whether or not you are moving too fast or too slow.  Just like on a treadmill, whose tread doesn’t speed up or slow down unless you make it, the pace of love only speeds up or slows down as you allow it to.  The best workout on a treadmill is to sprint and then slow down to a walk and then sprint again and repeat.  Love should be exciting and then calm and then exciting, and repeat, so that you fully embrace the excitement and let it sink in.  Too much excitement for too long will cause you to be short of breath and you’ll dislike the treadmill. 

2. Inclines make things harder!  It’s not rocket science.  The more uphill struggles you have, the harder things are.  The same is true with love.  In order to appreciate climbing hills, one must learn to work up endurance to make it.  If you enter a relationship and its all uphill, without rest to calm things back down, you will burn out much quicker.  Healthy love should occur in stages and offer enough time for you to appreciate each stage.  When you are ready for more, that is when you head up the hill again.  Every relationship has struggles but there should never be more struggles than enjoyable times.  You need times of rest to learn, grow, and appreciate the experience of being in love and having love in your life. 

3. If you look sideways, you will fall!  I have done this (on a treadmill) more times than I’m proud to admit.  However, it is a fact that if you turn your eyes off of the goal, you will not accomplish the goal.  When love is in your path, keep your eyes focused on it.  Why?  Too often, people forget to keep their eyes on the one they love, thus forgetting to add depth to the relationship.  The more you can spend time with, compliment, show adoration for your lover, the healthier your love will be.  Remember, you have control and can push the button at anytime to end the incline on the treadmill and in your relationship.  It often just takes one person to start the process to make things better.

4. Sometimes you need to hold on!  I have been running for quite some time, though I would never call myself a runner, and have had many occasions where I needed to grab the rails while I tried to slow and speed up the treadmill.  The same is true for love.  Relationships don’t always give you fair warning as to the direction you are headed.  So, when things look out of control or so in control that it’s freaky, hold on to your mate.  It doesn’t matter if you’re going through difficult times or pleasant ones; never miss the opportunity to be affectionate.  Affection helps to add depth to your love.  If your mate isn’t the affectionate type (see my article on 10 ways to add depth to your relationship by clicking on the underlined “add depth”), discover ways to get them to open up.  The more depth in your love, the more appreciation for your mate and for you, which helps you better handle all that comes your way.

5. Workouts are healthy!  Performing a regular workout routine is one of the healthiest things that you can do for yourself.  The same is true for love.  What do I mean?  Thanks for asking.  What I mean is this: When couples can learn to understand the process of love, the ups and downs, the feelings and thoughts associated with love, the frustrations and happy times, they are more likely to appreciate how those teeter-tottering situations develop their relationship.  As stated before, one of the best exercises on a treadmill are short sprints followed by short walks, and repeat.  The sprints cause every bit of your anatomy to kick into high gear, much like arguments do.  The slow walks after the sprint, helps your anatomy to calm down and regroup, much like the quiet times after discourse in the relationship.  

So, as you have been told thousands of times to visit the gym regularly, make sure to visit your relationship regularly too.  Just because you are in love doesn’t mean that things will stay that way unless you and your mate are willing to put forth the effort to give your love a healthy workout on a regular basis.  Healthy communication is key to the success of your relationship.  Both of you need to know, deserve to know, the truth about whether or not you are going at a healthy pace; whether or not you are spending too much time on the incline; whether or not you both are looking in the same direction; whether or not you are holding onto each other enough to provide the stability that each of you needs; and, whether or not you are exercising your love enough!  Just like on a treadmill, and in love, the more you exercise your heart, the longer it will last!

P.S. Please feel free to let me know how I did explaining this to you!  Thank you,

Jaymes Ian Woode


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