Writing a gr8 buk dsnt nEd twttr!

There comes a time in everyone’s life where you just need to get away.  For writer’s, it’s a cliche but one that is actualized on a regular basis.  With the demands of establishing a platform, marketing, staying in touch with thousands of people via twitter, facebook, blogs, etc., it’s almost impossible to seclude yourself and focus on writing that one book, the next book, that may be your best work, ever.  However, when the idea begins to download in your mind, writing notes without ceasing and building the storyline, you know that you have to get away to write with depth and passion.  Media marketing is your greatest enemy as it distracts your mind constantly.  Then, you wonder, how will you stay connected and continue to build your audience.  I say, let your writing build your audience for you.

It would be a great disservice to book lovers around the world if you, the writer, don’t take the time to write something great, settling for mediocre just so you can respond to tweets and blog comments.  Unfortanately, the publishing market is forcing this issue on writers with a heavy hammer, a must do, when essentially it is not.  The best writers step away, escape from mass media demands and expectation because they know that their book is worth it.  The best books are the ones that you read and walk away from wishing you could write like that, such deep connection, emotion, and well scripted dialogue.  Well, you can.  You just need to get away and allow yourself to hone in on your potential.  Stop being bothered by what the media claims you have to do in order to be a successful writer.  Instead, escape and write something worth reading.

1. Shut down! Absence makes the heart grow fonder and your audience may miss you some but greatly appreciate your desire to give them something worthwhile.  Cut the cord and separate yourself so you regain control of your writing destiny.

2. Shut down! Turn off all distractions so your creative mind can create; so you can pay attention to your writing with all of your energy and not be concerned with demanding responses on social networks.  If you must, tweet or update FB once a week only.  Only, only, only write your updated status (how the writing is going) and get off the computer immediately after.  Better still, go somewhere where you don’t have internet access.

3. Shut down! If your friends, family, audience truly appreciates you, they will understand and want to give you the time you need in return for a book worth reading.  They will feel a part of your writing process.  Have a long-distance relationship with them for a short while. 

4. Shut down! Go somewhere where you won’t feel guilty if you are a hermit.  Go where people don’t know you and really don’t care what you’re up to.  Go sit by a rock if you need company.

5. Shut down! Write your book in long-hand.  Use your computer to type at night, or not.  Having any form of media near you will cause you to want to connect with the outside world, or feel guilty for not connecting.  You owe it to yourself to do what you must to stay focused. 

6. Shut down! Cut off your relationships temporarily and build a relationship with your writing, your book.  By doing so, you will be more in-tune with your story and write better than ever.

7. Shut down! Allow your mind to open up and get away from all that you feel you must be a part of.  Those external influences limit your creative ability.

8. Shut down! Have one supportive friend be available to you when you feel like you’re going crazy because you feel less connected.  Call them once a day just to check-in and gain moral support.

9. Shut down! Close off as much of reality as possible and step into your dream world for a while, the life of a great writer.  Bring along a favorite book so you have something that sparks you to create; a favorite author that you have always wished you could write like.

10. Shut down! Bring along a dictionary/thesaurus and get back to the basics.  Remind yourself how fun it is to actually look words up and not have the answers simply handed to you by the click of your mouse.

There is nothing greater, for a writer, to be truly involved in the writing process and escaping into their story.  Get there and stay there until you are ecstatic about your creation.  You’ll write better, feel better, and your audience (who will still be there for you when you resurface) will support the better writer that you have become.

Jaymes Ian Woode


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