Poetic Muse

birth rebirth
a baby’s cry, longing
cradled warm, nestled
scenes of first sights;

i’ve been down the road
hundreds thousands
two-thirds of my life;

flat rocky craggy peaks
oceans blue grey waving
forest tall short dense meadows
trails highways people walk;

bicycles autos rigs trains
going places standing still
eyes wander pierce meaning
peace storms nature unnatural;

though my heart cries out
seeking wanting fitting reprieve
incomplete completeness alone together
all is the same anew another day;

sun high low bright vanished dark
winds quiet loud whispering howls
rain drops beats rises wells empty filled
children cry laughter voices unheard;

colors illuminate life’s darkness lights out
eyes open halfway closed blackened light
dreams of sleep with dreams awake
glad sorrow punishment reward;

birth rebirth
a baby’s laughter shortens
cold uncovered, needing
second look, take two

                               Jaymes Ian Woode


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