Changing my future

There where, beyond time barriers
Is what, seek desirable locations
a who or where or something
moment juncture, intercept
when now, yearn years far behind
I myself, gaze deep into my own eyes
wish dream, pass knowledge back
I a ghost, return to my youth
could should, prepare years yet lived
revisit attend, stand by boyish me
my ownership, present behavior
past ago, change immature dreams
knowing perceiving, trek upon new path
how whence, follow scenic trail
it the thing, require modification
would will, influence life eternally
affect influence, distance sad tomorrows
my personal, find happiness earlier
future inevitable, undo lost hope
if assuming, listen to inner voice
only peerless, accept insightful wisdom
I me, brave different approach
could may, discover meaningful life
alter amend, believe heart’s desires
a one, trust intelligence innate
few little, tornado tails even widen
things existences, restore limitless skies.

                                            Jaymes Ian Woode


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