Empty Road

If you decide to go with him, accepting

his gesture and tightly gripping his hand in

yours, and the both of you, together, disappear

into the sunset, I will understand; I will slowly walk

away, with my head lifted up, knowing you’ve found

someone that fills your heart completely; Missing you

deeply would not be my greatest loss, no, my greatest

loss would be to see you without love, protection,

and a life of companionship; I know that love’s

wings are not commanded by the want of any

man; I only wished for you to know love at its

fullest; I would find great peace and comfort in

knowing you are happy and content, even if with

another; I would then rejoin my brethren upon

the empty road, a road not intended for all

to tread upon; for some it is home, for

others a means of travel through life, with

companions who understand, like me, the grief

and sorrow of having no one to love, to hold closely;

it is the absence of eyes to gaze into deeply, hoping

for a glimpse into love’s soul; No, the empty road

is not for everyone to walk, though it appears

wide and long, but more so for the weary

traveler, humming tunes to old

memories and youthful wishes,

of when love was felt close by.

                                      Jaymes Ian Woode


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