A star never falls

Without shining stars to fill each night,
Dark skies appeal not to lonely eyes,
But since the first day you held me close,
Not one night has passed without you near;
And just as a star needs dark nights to shine,
You are the canvas to my life’s creation;
And as days came, fading your luster,
I walked my own path, secure I’d see you soon;
Looking up to you, gazing to me,
As a boy, a man, your son with filled skies,
You left me not wanting, alone, or afraid,
Never once without your brilliant sparkle;
You’ve blanketed me,
Equipping me with faith, adoration,
And a love that causes night to come once more,
That I may look upon my most cherished star;
Mother, on this day my heart is full,
Your light, your life, overflowing in me;
Tonight’s darkness may appear far more empty,
Having lost its’ brightest presence in my eyes;

But never does a star truly fall,
For you will always be reflected in me, your son,
And in those of whom have also shared,
In knowing you, my mother, my sky.

                                                 Jaymes Ian Woode


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