To Live

To soar, birds in blue skies; 
To run, deer prancing through forests;
To swim, otters splashing in rivers;
To leap; gazelles frolicking in fields.

To smile; children racing down slides;
To laugh; friend’s memories of things past;
To shout; team’s thoughts of victory;
To embrace; father’s holding their children.

To awake; sunlight rising above the horizon;
To blow; winds sweeping through canyons;
To rustle; dried leaves skimming over grass;
To shine; nature’s brilliance changing seasons.

To smell; sweet rose bushes filling the air;
To hear; babies playing with puppies;
To see; life reels in full-color snapshots;
To touch; essences manifested;
To feel; love unconditional.

                                                  Jaymes Woode


3 responses to “To Live

  1. how are you?

    Glad to discover your poetry talent,

    join poets rally.
    make poetic friends, get encouragements via awards.

    come on in, the collection is to be closed within 26 hours.


    hope to see you in ASAP…..

    your talent rocks.

    visit me, you will see the award post, the entry link is on the bottom…

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