Had I known

If I had known, a decade ago, maybe two or three,
that birds would still sing harmonious tunes
outside my window at dawn’s break, and that
Spring’s revealing freshness would fill my senses
with the aroma of pine needles baking in the sun,
or if I had known that sand under foot would
continue to calm my soul, and the morning grass
would stay my connection with nature, and if I
had realized the clouds would persevere through
time, never losing their ability to alter shapes and
paint the bluest of skies with blotches of white cotton,
or if I had earlier learned that encountering persons
from various cultures of life would still leave me
feeling a part of things larger than what my dreams
could contain, and had I known the vastness of love,
being cultivated in all things to be extended beyond the
purpose of singularity, I assure that I would not have
hurried to age to become aware of such things.

                                                             Jaymes Ian Woode


3 responses to “Had I known

  1. amazing sentiments…

    lovely word flow.

    invite you to join Jingle poetry potluck today, free and fun…

    first time participant is welcome to share 1 to 3 old poems, or poems unrelated to our theme,
    hope to see you in.


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