A writer’s world

A writer’s world, a desk, computer, pen,
a few books, to look out one’s window,
the tree, the sky, a bird singing near or
dark clouds, to muse or amaze, a day
of longing, to create just one sentence,
stanza, a story; oh why, why, why,
dreadful words do you haunt so, to
beckon me mid-eve, mid-night,
mid-morn; the sun rises, vanishing,
again, stars fall, gaping, hands pressed
upon the pane, to see, to see such rare
things, captured moments, puzzle pieces,
meaning of life, of love, hardships and
the like; fantastical romances, mysteries,
twists, deceits, a reality of some, true or
make believe; words, oh sweet flowing
words, may justice prevail, if only
I may see such words to write.

                               Jaymes Ian Woode


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