caught in a maze,
spectacled with obstacles
of grandeur, diverting my
steps, obstructing my view,
entangling my wishful
heart; a maze, reflecting
images flawed, regrets,
intentions marred by
misguided hopes and
dreams, the person whom
i’ve become, lost, instrinsically
misplaced by perceptions
unwarranted nor supported
of ancient truths, afraid to look;
a maze, speeding my steps,
quickening my breathing,
til breath no more, deserting
all ambitions, morsels of
possibilities unreachable, non-
existent to one whose limbs
cannot reach further, past the
thicket of thorns, draining life
slowly as if attending to a
schedule; a maze, amazing
in its own right, able to 
pursuade me of such facts,
tales of my own happenings,
that which causes me to hide,
fearful of discovering me.

                                      Jaymes Ian Woode


2 responses to “self-discovery

    • You know, i actually had difficulty breathing when I was writing it. Thanks for appreciating it. Your a good friend!

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