Urban Iris

all is quiet as the sun settles behind
the tall buildings of white, black
rooftops, some with gardens, urban
irises peeking through the rails to
catch a last glimpse of another day
closing, before the nightlife takes
over the streets and brings the day-
sleepers to pavement, dancing, singing,
meeting with loved ones and strangers,
to keep life interesting, fresh and new,
while the Greek Rainbows slumber,
in beds of acidic soil, organically secure,
the dark evening sky weighs as a cover,
keeping sun exposed colors hidden
upon rooftops, til day reopens.

                                         Jaymes Ian Woode


Writing a gr8 buk dsnt nEd twttr!

There comes a time in everyone’s life where you just need to get away.  For writer’s, it’s a cliche but one that is actualized on a regular basis.  With the demands of establishing a platform, marketing, staying in touch with thousands of people via twitter, facebook, blogs, etc., it’s almost impossible to seclude yourself and Continue reading

5 ways to avoid writing weary

Is it better to force your way through finishing a project or is it better to take a break?  Too often, writers, such as myself, feel the need to work through being tired to complete a chapter or book.  However, I have found that when doing so, the content isn’t as rich as it could be when written with a rested mind and eyes.  Though you may have a deadline, here are 5 ways to reawaken your creative juices and still get your project finished on time: Continue reading

3 steps for an author’s successful radio interview!

As an author, I have been asked several times to be interviewed regarding the topic of my book.  Successful interviews can make or break your popularity in a particular town or city.  Who wants to have a bad interview?  I don’t, and neither should you.  The better you interview, the better response to your work and sales.  Here are 3 vital steps that I have found most helpful to have a successful interview: Continue reading

Embrace your voice!

There is so much to be said when it becomes your time to be in the spotlight.  For some, being in the spotlight is something feared; for others it is something embraced.  Whichever side of the fence you find yourself on, just remember to be you.  Last night, I was interviewed about my book and, though my nerves were worked up to the max prior to the interview, I realized that I just needed to be me and let people know why I wrote what I wrote.  It was easier than expected and the night was fun and went off without embarrassment.

Someone once told me that if you have something to say than you need to say it and say it loud!  It is not that my book is better than other books.  However, I felt that I had something to say and wrote a book about it.  That is why most of us write, right?  When it comes time to defend why you felt you had something to say, dont’ be afraid to speak up and stand up for your own voice.  I am no better than anyone else and that is something that keeps me in check and humble.  I am most grateful for any opportunity that I have to speak up about the things that I believe to be true.  You should too!  We are each unique with many ideas different and the same, and if we speak up, we fill in the gaps that may be missing in the world!  If you would like to listen to my interview, click on: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/jblairbrown/2011/02/03/livin-the-dream-with-author-jaymes-ian-woode !  Please feel free to give me your feedback.  Let me know what you think, what you like/dislike, and more importantly, let me know if I spoke loud enough about what I believe!  Thanks!

Time to ask questions about my book:

>Tonight, I will go head to head with J. Blair Brown in a showdown!  Didn’t mean for that to rhyme.  This interview was postponed for two weeks so you can imagine that I have been gearing up for it.  Actually, I’ve spoken to Judith on the phone several times and she is really a great person.  She did warn me that she will be playing devil’s advocate and defending the female race.  Though the book is not meant to discredit woman, I can understand where she is coming from.  So please, if you’d like to Tune-in, sign on to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/jblairbrown/2011/02/03/livin-the-dream-with-author-jaymes-ian-woode !

Feel free to ask questions online so that we can address them on the show!  Even if you don’t have a question, it will be a fun time tonight!  After the show, please feel free to come back here and leave a comment with your feedback!  Thanks for listening, Jaymes