Don’t forget me

what if you forget me, the
sound my voice makes when
i see you after being gone all
day; what if you forget the
length of my arms that wrap
around you or the width of
my smile when I look into
your eyes; what if you forget
the depth of my love and
longing to be near you, to be
included in your life, as you
grow and open your wings;
what if your forget the stories
i told you at night, tucking
you into bed and planting one
last kiss on your cheek; what
if you forget what life is like
with me in it, being there,
helping you through the
tough times that brought
you despair; what if you don’t
remember that you are
everything to me, that which
fills my soul and makes the
sun a happy yellow; please,
please, never forget.

                                 Jaymes Ian Woode


soulful concoction

an ounce of sadness,twenty warm tears
rolling off red cheeks, dripping into a 
splash of blended grief, heartache jarred,
seasoned over time, a teaspoon will do,
not a drop more, roomy enough so
to add a lonely sigh, a fiery spice,
and pour, slowly, upon glacially
chilled blocks of life’s artic ways, 
abandoned as they crack open,
cold to hot, like a hug after winter’s 
storm, yet no one’s around, to hold, to
warm sluggish blood, the work is
unfinished, move, step forward,
include sprinkles of passion,
purposeful reason, I will, I will,
toss in a shrig of desire, to float 
above all that aches, a chasm,
then stir, gently with care, shake not, 
avoiding slight releases of nauseating
aromas, be gentle, finishing off
with garnishments of hope, drink,
that I will be remembered, embraced,
and renewed, that love’s arms will 
find me, before the glass runs dry.

                                             Jaymes Ian Woode

A maze

A wish, or dream, daytime,
night, my heart weighs
heavy, burdened, lost in an
emotional maze, tormenting
past, future shining, in my
mind, not reality; where are
you, can you hear me, see me,
feel my loneliness, emptiness,
heart well needing filled;
I need you, close, hear with
me, to play, to laugh, to
hold, to know you are safe;
won’t you come,  scream
that I may find you again;
please never stop.

                     Jaymes Ian Woode

Sensing you

To smell the sweet roses,
To touch the flowing wheat,
To taste the grapes of wine,
To know that you are near.

To hear the winds whisper,
To see the rising sun,
To feel air fill my lungs,
To know that you are near.

Warming rays upon my flesh,
Your shape a silhouette,
Shadows once of color,
Holding onto memories.

Scents bring life to yesterday,
Elated sighs raise lips,
Breathing deep to capture,
Keeping your essence within.

There you are, no longer gone,
Filling my eyes with yours,
Your skin soft upon mine,
Senses replenished today.

                             Jaymes Ian Woode