River of goodness

like heated rays beaming
upon ice dripping slowly
down glacial mountainsides,
streaming through a slalom
of white covered aspens
shaking mounted snowflakes
from their branches, dusting the 
thin air like eagles soaring through
layered clouds, calling their mates
whom wait, nestling their young,
cuddling frail bodies, shelter, 
granting pleasurable security
whilst eyeing braided brooks
quietly nourishing pastures seasoned
of off-spring, taking wobbly first
steps amid crowding proud mothers
appreciating nature’s run-off,
sustenance, the life-saving power
of several tiny drops of water;
the importance of compliments.

                                   Jaymes Ian Woode


From writer to marketer!

I have never been much of a marketer but as a writer, in the modern world, marketing is a key element to the success of any book reaching the audiences intended.  With the help of my assistant and some other wonderful people, interviews are starting to come in.  My first interview will be on WED Feb. 2, 2011 on www.blogtalkradio.com/jblairbrown and I have to admit, I’m nervous.  It is much easier to write a book, knowing exactly what you are intending to write than it is to try to explain why you wrote what you did.  However, the bread comes with the basket!  Okay, it’s an old saying but it still applies.  In order to earn an income from writing, you must participate in the basket (interviews, articles, signing, etc.) that will carry you there.  Interviews are a great basket to help spread the word about your book and create the buzz needed to get people to buy it. 

Many people have told me that I have written a book that is in demand.  When I wrote 101 Behaviors a Guy Needs to Understand about His Woman! I believed that as well.  Now, as my work begins materializing in the marketing world, I am excited to talk about it but it took me a while to get there!  So, how do you alter your mind so that you are prepared for interviews?  Glad you asked! 

First, travel back to the beginning, before you wrote the book, and ask yourself Continue reading